Sustainability News

Subject Promote a campaign to ensure the hygiene of water purifier jointly with the Korea Consumer Agency
Date 2017.07.19

Coway promotes the "Water Purifier Hygiene Campaign&rdquo"jointly with the Korea Consumer Agency domestic water purifier suppliers.

This campaign targets small-sized multiuse facilities which are vulnerable to hygiene safety. When they apply this campaign, CODYs directly visit them to check their water purifiers offer cleaning service for free.

This campaign was prepared to inform how to use manage water purifiers hygienically safely, continuing three months from July to September.

Small-sized facilities using Coway's water purifiers can apply this service to the customer center (1588-5200) during the campaign period, receive a single-use water purifier self-check kit for free.

Moreover, Coway plans to provide customers who operate multiuse facilities small-sized workplaces with a water purifier self-check manual through CODYs its corporate website.

Sang-jun Kim, the head of Communication Office, said, "This campaign is voluntarily conducted jointly with the Korea Consumer Agency water purifier suppliers with the aim of enhancing hygiene safety in summer. We will continue to make efforts to enhance customer trust in the water purifier market with a strong responsibility as the market leader."

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