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Subject Won the "New Technology Innovation Award" for 15 consecutive years
Date 2017.07.19

Coway won the "New Technology Innovation Award" at the "2017 Korea's Innovation Award" held by the Korea Stards Association on June 23, which was the 13th achievement in a row.

The "Korea Innovation Award" celebrates its 18th anniversary this year. It aims to spread share the best innovation practices their values by awarding successful companies in management innovation in the field of new technology, product, service. Evaluation items include CEO's leadership, innovativeness, competitiveness, growth anticipation, customer satisfaction.

The award winner of this year is "Ice AIS."

The "Ice AIS" is an innovative product with premium functions. This product introduced a new-concept technology "active cooling system" to make ice without evaporator. This technology makes it possible to create thin ice by passing purified water through cold pipes, then thin ice agglomerates naturally to be thick ice. The ice agglomerate continues to be made until the tank is full. This system ensures faster ice-making than existing method low noise. This product generates cylindrical ice stick that even children can crunch easily.

This product also adopted the CIROO (Coway Intensive Reverse Osmosis) system that boasts high-performance water-purifying function. In addition, the "direct carbonated water creation system" was introduced to the "Ice AIS" to help users enjoy clean carbonated water at home. This system also enables to control the level of carbonic acid in three stages.

The "Ice AIS" won the new technology innovation award in recognition of introducing unprecedented new technologies.

Hae-sun Lee, the CEO, said, "We have made a concerted effort to develop new technologies that can lead the future water purifier market, which resulted in winning the award. We expect this product to create a momentum for a new chapter of ice water purifier."

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