GRI G4 Index

General Standard Disclosure

The 2016 Coway Sustainability Report was organized according to the 'Core option' of the GRI G4 Guidelines released by the GRI(Global Reporting Initiative) regarding sustainability management reports. Coway’s report highlights the company’s core values, governance, current operations, strategies, and the preparation process involved with the sustainability report, as well as indicators necessary for introducing Coway and the report to the general public.

Specific Standard Disclosure

Of the 34 Aspects included in the Specific Standard Disclosure of the GRI G4 Guidelines, this report classified 7 Aspects related to 2015 material issues 'customer safety& health, marketing communication, products and services, 'waste water and waste', 'energy', 'environmental products and services','supplier Environmental / Labor / social impact assessment'. It also classified the aspect of emissions as a material aspect. Since 2009, the company has continued towork for effective environmental management and has carried out GHG emission reduction initiatives. For each material aspect, this report contains management approach and indicators.