Strategy and Organization

Win-win Growth Policy and Organization

The recent competition structure among companies is expanding to competition among supply chains, including suppliers. In consideration of the supply chain, it is increasingly important for companies to fulfill their social responsibility. Coway considers suppliers as important partners who play the role of producing and supplying products and services in our value chain. As our suppliers’ competitiveness grows, so does Coway’s. For this reason, we consider our suppliers’ issues as our own as well.
Under the “CO-WAY (Cooperation + Global Way)” vision, Coway helps its suppliers grow into small giants through our effectiveness-oriented win-win policy. Coway also operates a separate organization in charge of realizing the core values of our win-win growth vision, as well as planning, operating, evaluating, and improving supplier support projects.

Win-win Growth Load Map
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Standardization of Fair Trade Guideline

Coway operates the Fair Trade Guideline for win-win cooperation to fairly reflect the rights and interests of the suppliers in our transactions with them and to prevent abuse of our superior negotiation power as the primary company.

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