Strategy & Structure

Customer Ethical Norms and Implementation Organization

Based on Coway’s self-established customer ethical norms, we seek to provide our customers with satisfaction exceeding their expectation so they can lead healthier and happier lives.

Customer Ethical Norms
  • SDGs 목표 검토 및 우선 대응 순위 선정
    • Always pay attention to customers’ opinions. Customers’ genuine requests are always right. Customer satisfaction comes first in all decisions and actions.
  • 목표(Goals)별 대내외 환경분석
    • Tell customers only the truth, and always keep your promises to customers.
    • Provide best quality products and service and respond promptly and accurately to customers’ fair requests.
  • 이행 및 모니터링
    • Never use customers’ information or assets without their approval.

Comprehensive VOC Management

For systematic and efficient VOC management, Coway has combined various VOC channels across the company into a single channel. By combining internal/external VOC channels such as customers, on-site, and lectures into one, we can proactively respond to issues that may arise through effective VOC management including identification of improvement tasks through VOC, accumulating data, and managing the solution process. Systematic improvement activities, such as regular monitoring and management of task handling rate, are undertaken for tasks identified through the VOC channel. For completed tasks, the implementation of improvement measures on site is monitored and satisfaction assessment is conducted. This is done so that post-improvement effects can be regularly monitored.

VOC Handling Process

VOC 처리 프로세스

Combining VOC Channels into a Single Channel

전사 VOC 채널 통합 내용

Customer Centered Management

Coway strives to realize customer satisfaction by paying close attention to the voices of consumers. To provide better values to our customers, Coway ensures that all business activities are customer-centered, while strengthening quality management and our responsibility for our products. As a result of our customer-centered business activities, Coway was able to receive the CCM certification mark from the Fair Trade Commission for the first time in 2007, and we earned the mark for the fifth consecutive time in 2015.