Business Area

Home Wellness Appliances Business

Our Home Wellness Appliances Business has grown from the goodness that ‘expensive water purifiers are rented for a small amount of fee to allow many people to enjoy clean water every day'. Since initiating water purifier rental service for the first time in the world, we have driven innovation and led the market by expanding our rental business and coordinator service (called cody service) to cover air purifiers, bidets, water softeners and mattresses.

Overseas Business 

Coway’s overseas business is based on taking different approaches region by region. In 2016, we maintained our strategic partnership with ODM partners and signed new contracts. We also established a strategic partnership structure for three product groups. We will actively target overseas markets in China and the United States in 2017.

Implementation of Differentiated Regional Strategy

We set our sights on the overseas market based on our world's top-notch water and air R&D infrastructure. Our main products are home wellness appliances, including air purifiers, water purifiers, bidets and juicers. Based on our internationally integrated brand ‘Coway', we are accelerating our overseas business through active cooperation for sales with global home appliances manufacturers. Currently, with operations in the US, Malaysia, China and Thailand, we are developing products and services and implementing marketing strategies to meet the local needs, thereby achieving a sustainable growth.

해외사업 지도

  •  국기 사진 Set the basis for growth through expansion of portfolio

    1) Expand partner business

    • Established a strategic partner system for each product line of water purifier, air purifier, bidet

    2) Expand subsidiary business

    • Expand business to large online stores, and discover agents in 5 major areas
  •  국기 사진 Establish growth foundation of U.S. subsidiary

    1) Strengthen product lineup for door-to-door sales

    • Renew cold and hot water purifier, and include Air-Mega retail model in direct sales items

    2) Expand retail sales into mainstream market

    3) Target local customers

  •  국기 사진 Expand growth of Malaysia subsidiary

    1) Expand accounts

    2) Increase sales and profitability in unexplored regions

    3) Strengthen internal infrastructure for increased service quality

    4) Strengthen marketing activities regarding “Water Specialists”

Cosmetics Business

After establishing the cosmetics institute, we entered the cosmetics market in earnest in 2010 to deliver healthy beauty to customers by focusing on the development of high-functional premium products. We initiated door-to-door sales and secured the customer base through home wellness appliance business. Since then, we have expanded distribution channels to home shopping, department stores, and online malls, thereby continuing to achieve sustainable development. We meet constantly evolving health and beauty needs of our customers by providing ‘Re:NK', an anti-aging cosmetics brand, ‘Allvit',a fermented oriental herbal cosmetics brand, and ‘Healthygru:', a functional healthy food brand.