Business Relevance & Approach

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Business Relevance & Approach

Today, companies are required to actively fulfill their social responsibility by using their core competencies and carry out social activities as a responsible member of the community. Coway’s business is based on water and air, basic elements of life, as we seek to provide everyone with clean water and air through our products. For this reason, we carry a high sense of responsibility for our work. As a company growing together with other members of the community, we make various efforts to build a healthier world for them by demonstrating our care for their lives and the environment.

With this view in mind, Coway supports the establishment and settlement of a corporate culture where all employees voluntarily participate in social contribution activities and contribute to the development of their community. Through our CSV activities, we pursue both Coway’s values and our social responsibility by doing what we do best where it is most needed.

Business Case

  • Support for water-purifying facilities in Cambodia