Understanding On-site Culture through VOC

현장 VOC를 청취 사진

Conducting of 3C Meeting

Through site-oriented management of VOC, Coway shares VOC collected on site throughout the company. Coway makes an effort to resolve conflicting problems that may arise among Cody who directly deal with customers and to create an environment where each group can concentrate on their areas of work such as sales and service. In 2016, Coway organized the “3C Meeting”, a regularly held meeting of representatives of Cody, CS Dr., and call center agents, providing the participants with an opportunity to better communicate and understand each other’s role and working environment. In 2016, through the 3C Meeting, a total of xx tasks were drawn from 9 categories including product, A/S, and training. Improvement was made in xx tasks through improvement activities in cooperation with the relevant departments. In addition, the effectiveness of improvements made were analyzed through further monitoring and issue re-analysis.  

Improvement Activity Process through 3C Meetings

3C 간담회를 통한 VOC 수렴 내용
Activities to Better Understand the Site and Customers
Heart Trust Companion

Coway operates the “Heart Trust Companion” experience program to promote a proper understanding of the site and clients by all our employees. Based on this, we can enhance customer trust by developing customer-centered services and products. In this program, one employee and one Cody pair up and visit customers’ homes, where they provide Heart Service (regular product maintenance, etc.) and identify matters that need improvement by listening to the customers’ opinions. After the program, the participating Cody is interviewed, identifying matters that require improvement on site to enhance product and service quality.

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