Strengthening Sales Site Vision

Creation of Long-term Sales Environment for Partners

Coway seeks to create a stable on-site sales environment and boost the morale of its partners. Coway also maintains a healthy relationship with its partners, based on mutual trust that will endure various changes in business environment, by enhancing their professionalism through systematic training and strengthening vision of the sales site. In this reason, Coway seeks to create a stable environment in which our partners such as Cody and CS Dr. can carry out long-term sales activities and services. For instance, Coway has created a performance and ability-driven organizational structure to enhance partners’ productivity and potential for promotion, and established a reasonable compensation structure to encourage partners to earn higher income. In addition, Coway supports systematic training and mentoring programs for newly hired Cody members to smoothly settle into their job and carry out sales activities.

Smart Sales System using Big Data

Coway has developed a 'Smart Sales System' that can analyze big data at the local level by utilizing internal information accumulated over 30 years and external information by region. Internal information is about customer such as customer status of Coway, product usage, household penetration rate. External information is about the local environment such as population density by region, housing and household status, climate, etc. The Smart Sales System is used by the Coway`s sales organization and will be utilized in identifying new customer and existing customer management.

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On-site Morale Boosting Program

Dongchimi Festival of Love and Sharing
Coway boosts on-site morale and adds the value of sharing love with our neighbors through events attended by the headquarters, divisions, and on-site partners. The “Dongchimi Festival,” first held in 2016, is an event in which Coway’s employees and partners make Dongchimi, or water-based kimchi, using water filtered with Coway’s water purifiers. In 2016, approximately 250 employees and partners participated in the Dongchimi Festival, making some 14,000 liters of Dongchimi. Some of it was donated to social welfare organizations, and some of it was given to on-site partners in appreciation for their efforts throughout the year. Coway will continue its efforts to create a dynamic on-site culture through encouragement and morale-boosting programs.  

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