Business Relevance & Approach

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Business Relevance & Approach

As services for customers diversify and more sales channels are developed, the importance of close communication with the sale site is increasingly highlighted for better understanding of customers. The site is where Coway is rooted and has its core base, since that is where we build customer trust and provide optimum service close at hand with our customers. We believe that increasing income on the site by strengthening professionalism of the site workers and establishing a reasonable compensation structure is essential for Coway’s continued growth.

Accordingly, Coway actively listens to the voice of consumer (VOC) for a better understanding of customers and the site, and supports professional and stable service and sales activities by providing partners with systematic training and settlement support. In 2016, efforts were made to better understand and improve communication between the sales site and customers by holding “3C Meetings” and running the “Heart Trust Companion” program. Along with these efforts, we try to provide better service by identifying matters for improvement and carrying out improvement activities. Coway also held the “Dongchimi Festival” with participation of Coway employees and on-site partners to create a dynamic on-site culture.

Business Case

  • On-site Morale Boosting Program
  • The 'Heart Trust Accompany' for understanding the on site and customers