Providing Customized Solutions

Strengthening Customer-friendly IT Service

Coway’s IoCare products seek to provide real-time care, connected to our customers anytime, anywhere. Moving beyond simply connecting devices to IoT and having control over remote devices, our products provide customized solutions to customers by collecting, storing, and managing existing information, and then analyzing big data. In 2017, we will continue our efforts in Intelligence Wellbeing Care service using voice recognition and AI service based on an evolved service platform that will enable connection among independent devices.

IOCare 고객친화적 IT서비스 설명

Strengthening Smart Control Function

Coway’s products are equipped with smart control functions, enabling customers to control their devices with their smartphones anytime, anywhere. They also detect air quality and sound a yellow dust/ventilation alert, as well as provide electricity consumption reports. Other functions include monitoring and analysis of indoor/outdoor air quality, provision of information on water tank sterilization and self-humidifier cleaning service. Customers can also check the services they have received including customized care service.

IoCare Air Quality Diagnosis Service

Coway’s IoCare Air Quality Diagnosis Service is a unique service that integrates IoT technology to provide customers with care solutions by diagnosing and analyzing indoor/outdoor air quality. After one week of monitoring and real-time checking of air quality, consultants deliver the results of their diagnosis to customers.

Providing Big Data-based Customized Solution

Coway provides big data-based customized solutions to customers using the IoCare Platform. Based on collected data on the amount of water intake through water purifiers, indoor/outdoor air quality through air purifiers, and sleep patterns through mattresses, Coway’s care solution helps customers to form healthy habits.

Coway Provides Customized Customer Service through Digitalizing
IoCare Service Design

Coway strengthens customer service through its IoCare service design, regularly providing customized content for each customer’s home, as well as information through three core messages and three-minute communication.

안내, 제품점검, 컨설팅, 마무리

Service Contents
  1. Introduction of Heart Service
  2. Lifestyle consulting
  3. Heart Story (Living tips)
Operation of Level-by-Level Proactive Service Scenario

In order to proactively prepare for product errors, Coway operates service scenarios for each error level. Errors detected by sensors within products are categorized into Levels 1 to 3, depending on which customers are matched up with CS Dr. or provided with Heart Service through application notices and technical consultation with consultants.