Securing Product and Technology Competitiveness

Establishment of New Division to Expedite IoCare Development

In November 2016, Coway newly established the “ICT Strategy Division” and brought in experts to create new value in customer-based IoT service and strengthen its role as a care solution. Through IoCare, Coway seeks not only to provide differentiated customer care solution using easy and convenient IT technology but also to share information such as quality of indoor/outdoor air quality, weather, and amount of water intake through environmental home appliances. Coway also plans to apply IoCare solution to our cosmetics business.

Strengthen Reliability of IoCare Products

As more IoT-based products are developed, Coway expands infrastructure, such as test facilities and equipment to verify the reliability of IoT-related technologies, and strengthens verification activities. Coway will reinforce the reliability of its IoCARE products by improving its capacity to respond to the demands for development of various products using IoT technologies.

Key activities

Launch of IoCare Products

Coway continues to launch IoT-based products with better convenience, hygiene and energy efficiency. “Coway HANDSPAN Water Purifier IoCare,” for instance, monitors water-purifying performance and water usage 24 hours a day. It self-sterilizes the inside of the product, so that customers can drink clean water at any time. In 2017, Coway plans to apply Wi-fi technology for real-time connection to products and introduce the “Digital Mirror”* for our cosmetics brand Re:NK.

Mirror using IoT technology. Sensor reliability When a customer looks at the mirror, it shows skin moisture index, uv index and makeup tips for the day
IoCare main products
"“Adding ‘Safety’ and ‘Innovation’ to Your Everyday Life”
Coway Participates in CES 2017"
Coway provides value to customers’ experience by introducing its groundbreaking, innovative products and care service— based on customer safety and trust—to the global market. In 2016, it showcased various innovative products at CES 2017, the world’s largest consumer technology show, proving its potential as a global hidden champion. Coway’s motto at the CES was “Coway connective collaboration,” meaning expansion of its competitiveness and business platform through active collaboration with top companies in their respective fields such as Amazon and Google.

Evolution of Newer and Better Care

Coway’s exhibition booth included the “big data zone,” where visitors could experience tailored solutions and big data analysis through water map, air map and sleep map. “care consulting zone,” where visitors could experience consulting by professional life care groups affiliated with Coway, “care zone” for each of 5 core product groups, e.g., air care, water care, sleep care, skin care, and body care, and “overseas sales zone,” where we shared Coway’s values of care with booth visitors.

A New World of Life Care with Robots and AI
  • Finding Polluted Air around the House “Robot Air Purifier”
    • Finds and cleans polluted air around the house
    • Monitors real-time indoor air quality in rooms, living room, and kitchen, then moves to polluted areas to purify air
  • Voice Recognition Air Purifier “Air Mega”
    • First air purifier in the world to use an artificial intelligence (AI) voice recognition platform
    • Operates product and provides information instantly through voice control
  • Detecting Body Type and Snoring “Coway Air Mattress”
    • Offers superior sleep experience and tailored care through analysis of user’s body type/pressure and sleep patterns
    • Enhances quality of life by correcting wrong sleeping habits and alleviating snoring