Enhancing Quality of Customer-oriented Service

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Proactive Hygiene Care

Coway seeks to give customers a feeling of safety by re-establishing service maintenance standards, examining products, and handling hygienic risks in advance. Coway further enhances product hygiene by making it possible to clean and replace more parts.

Special Care Service

Through the “Special Care Service,” Coway replaces all major hygiene-related parts in water purifiers free of charge for customers who have rented water purifier products for 29 months. In addition to Cody’s regular maintenance service every 2 - 4 months, both the inside and outside of water purifiers are sterilized and major hygiene-related parts (water level controller, corks) and flow channels (silicone, connection line, etc.) are replaced.  

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Water Quality Inspection Service

Coway actively provides a “water quality inspection service” so that our customers can feel safe using their water purifiers. Water collected from the customer’s water purifier is sent to Coway Environmental Technology R&D Center, a government-certified water research institute, where it is analyzed by professional researchers. The results are then delivered to the customer by Cody.

Visualization of Service

Coway enhances customer trust by visually explaining its services through stage-by-stage images. These images are categorized into 13 product groups (ice, coffee, dehumidifier/humidifier, etc.). Customers can feel safe using their products through images that show each stage of maintenance service.

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