Applying Technologies and Product Structure for Higher Safety

Strengthening Values of Hygiene and Safety through Technological Innovation

Coway makes continuous efforts to secure hygiene and safety from the product planning stage. A detachable cork, which can be easily cleaned and replaced for hygiene management, has been applied to all models.  Water purifier parts have different maintenance and life cycles depending on the customers’ lifestyle patterns. To meet those needs, Coway is developing technologies that will enable “customized customer care service.”

차별화된 제품 위생관리 강화 설계

  • 현미경 아이콘
    Introducing New Materials for Higher Safety

    • Develop and apply product materials so harmful substances are absolutely not used
    • Notable outcome: Developed HEPA and humidifier filter material, as well as original technology for tankless instant cooling with ice thermal storage
  • 자와 삼각자 아이콘
    Designing Standard Module for Easy Replacement of Parts
    • Use of detachable cork in all water purifier products to enable easy cleaning and replacement for hygiene management
    • Complete care service through easy to regularly clean and replace internal parts
  • 모니터 아이콘
    Developing Smart Signaling Service Technology

    • Sound alarm at each service stage
    • Apply hygiene monitoring and warning system:
      Apply technology that shows warning signals on products at regular intervals for maintenance
    • Provide information on product conditions, water quality before and after filter change, and product usage patterns by applying IoT technology