Our Approach to the Issue

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Business Relevance & Our Approach

The importance of product safety is gaining attention amid rising concerns over the harmfulness of various household supplies and home appliances. In this light, consumers’ interest in wellness* care beyond well-being is increasing. When choosing products, consumers consider whether it is harmless to health, helpful to healthcare, and environmentally friendly. Such tendencies are bringing changes not only into the food and cosmetics industry, but also to the home appliances and electronics industry.

Coway’s products handle water and air, and they are used in everyday life over a long period of time. This is why the safety and enhanced performance of our products are particularly important. “Quality management” pursued by Coway is a process in which we actively take responsibility for our products so that they are safe and harmless and continue to function well throughout the course of their use by our customers.

Coway focuses its capacity in each stage of its activities for quality planning, quality management, quality assurance, and quality improvement. When developing products, reliability and safety verification is carried out at each stage in accordance with relevant regulations. In 2016, all business processes and activities were realigned to enable quality management from a “customer-oriented” and “broad” perspective. The Trust and Quality Assurance (TQA) Center, newly established as our control tower for quality management, has carried out efforts to enhance product safety and quality, including strengthening our chemical substance management system and improving service quality from the customers’ point of view.

Wellness : It is a compound word of well-being and happiness and fitness, which means a healthy state as well as body and mind.

Business Case

  • Proactive research on chemical substances
  • Providing special care service