Implementation of Customer Trust Management

Determined to make 2017 the year of regaining customer trust and taking a new leap forward, Coway has selected “Coway TRUST” as the keyword for its business direction in 2017. Coway TRUST signifies our determination and commitment as a life care company to carry out all business activities to restore customer trust. The reason we exist as a company is to take responsibility for the everyday life of our customers by giving them clean water, clean air, sound sleep, and beauty. For us to continue pursuing this value, people’s trust and confidence in Coway must stand strong.

With customer trust as our top priority in all our business activities, Coway will continue its efforts to be a part of your daily life through clean water, clean air, sound sleep, and beauty.

Coway Trust 로드맵

Establish a TRUST-based management direction

In 2017, we established the management direction as 'Coway TRUST'. Based on the core values of Coway TRUST, Coway PRIDE, and Coway FRESH and we are actively conducting management activities to restore trust with stakeholders and to achieve this goal.

경영방향 재수립 정보

    • Stable growth of home wellness appliances business by building trust with customer and Field
    • Securing growth engine through market leading innovation products and technology
    • Expansion of global business, Changing of the cosmetic business

Establishment of the Infinite Responsibility Committee

Coway has established the Infinite Responsibility Committee to comprehensively review and proactively improve issues of product safety and customer trust so that customers feel safe using our products. Recovery of customer trust is highly important for Coway’s longevity and continued growth.

Support for “Infinite Responsibility Quality Management”

The Infinite Responsibility Committee is a consultative body under the direct control of the CEO. Its main areas of concern are product safety and customer trust. For prompt decision-making, the Committee convenes once a week, bringing together all executives and Committee members to share the agenda. Diverse perspectives based on cooperation among headquarters are brought to the table, leading to dynamic discussion and exchange of opinions. Matters discussed at the Committee are directly applied to the business process, allowing for prompt solution of problems and ultimately the strengthening of customer trust.

Major Agendas(2016)
2016주요 논의 안건 10월, 11월, 12월 내용
Infinite Responsibility Communication

Coway has created the “Infinite Responsibility Committee” website to share Coway’s various activities for the recovery of customer trust with stakeholders through real-time communication. Through photos, videos, and other media, the website shows Coway’s innovative efforts to secure product safety and reliability.

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Establishment of “TQA Center” for Reinforced Implementation of Quality Innovation

Coway has established the Trust and Quality Assurance Center (TQA Center) as center for product and service innovation for restoring trust and ensuring that customers feel safe using our products and services. The TQA Center is an independent body combining former quality verification divisions, such as the R&D Center and Production Operation Division. The Center focuses on minimizing inconvenience to customers by finding and proactively responding to potential quality-related issues.

TQA 센터 조직도
“We will provide safe and high-quality products through quality management in the broad sense from the customers’ point of view.”

The Trust & Quality Assurance (TQA) Center is the control tower for ensuring the quality of all Coway products and services. From the perspective of customer trust, quality is of the utmost importance in operating the Center. We focus on fulfilling our responsibility to ensure product quality and safety by securing the Center’s independence to oversee quality functions. In 2016, the Center prepared the grounds for implementing quality management from the customers’ point of view. This work was done through capacity-building efforts such as establishing and operating the quality assurance system and assigning experts on hazardous substances. In 2017, we will secure world-class quality competitiveness by restoring customer trust and ensuring product quality. I ask for your interest and support as our sincere and diverse efforts in “infinite responsibility” activities continue.

TQA Center’s Vision and Strategy
TQA 센터 비전 및 전략

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