Ethics Management

Ethics Management Strategy

Based on the 3C (Code of Conduct, Compliance Check Organization, Consensus by Ethics Education), Coway builds a transparent corporate culture called “Clean Coway.”

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Ethics Management Program

Establishment of Corporate Code of Ethics

In order to expand the “Clean Coway” culture throughout the organization, Coway has established detailed guidelines including the Ethical Charter, Ethical Regulations, and Ethical Guidelines.

Operation of the Ethical Report Center

The Ethical Report Center prevents unethical behavior by regulating the process and stage-by-stage activities regarding the receipt, investigation, deliberation, and notification of matters in violation of ethics management.

Operation Process of the Ethical Report Center

Coway receives customer reports via mail, fax, and online. Once reports are received, the Ethics Management Office conducts an investigation, the results of which are deliberated and decided by the Ethics Committee and delivered to the reporter. Cases are shared to prevent repeated misconduct and display exemplary cases.

Internalization of Ethics Management

To internalize and expand the “Clean Coway” culture, Coway reinforces a sense of ethics by promoting ethics management to all employees and suppliers. Coway also monitors employee behavior. Coway provides regular ethics training to improve the understanding of ethics management and strengthening the will to put it into practice within the company.

Ethics Programs
Training & Promotional Activities
Conduct ethics management training throughout the company
Training results in 2016: To be updated
Put up promotional posters and notify via online pop-up messages
Consultation and Monitoring
Regular Consultation
Hold ethics management consultation sessions twice a year throughout the company
Monitor illegal sales activity through mystery shoppers