Value Creation Process

Business Model

Coway introduced a CODY system in 1998 and has a differentiated business model combined with rental. We have built a structure that allows users to rent home wellness appliances an early stage and maintains the value of their products through regular care services. Based on this, Coway has secured 5.7 million account customers, making it the driving force for sustainable growth and creating stable cash flow.

By expanding the value of Coway's core competence, we offer water, air, body, slip care, and home care products that provide customers with peace of mind in all aspects of life, including water, We are trying to enjoy.
In addition, we are developing 'IoCare (Internet of Care)', a new customized solution by combining IoT technology with 'Care' service, and developing it into future competitiveness. Coway will continue to strive to create vlaue and distribute to stakeholders through this differentiated DNA of innovation.

Business Value Chain

All of Coway's products and brands ultimately aim to create values that make the "environment healthier and people happier."
With a view toward sustainability management throughout the entire supply chain from procurement of materials and parts to product sales, the input of economic, social, and environmental values lead to the output of social values by which customers can become happier and the environment healthier.

조달, 연구개발 및 생산, 판매 및 서비스, 폐기 및 재활용

가치투입과 가치창출
Cash Available for Production(Capital, liabilities, etc.)
  • Capital : KRW 1,468,848 million
  • Assets :KRW 1,967,707 million
  • Sales : KRW 2,3763 billion
  • Operating profit : KRW 338.8 billion
인재의 능력, 경험, 몰입도 등
Employees’ abilities, experience, commitment, etc.
  • Investment into employee education : KRW 1,082,251
  • Investment into sales and service education : 96hours
  • Coway won the Grand Prize at GWP Korea's "Top 100 Great Korean Workplaces 2016" for 6 consecutive years
가치투입과 가치창출
Relationships with stockholders such as local communities, partners, etc.
  • Number of employee volunteers : 1,412
  • Social contribution and donation : KRW 6.3billion
  • Purchase from local community partners : KRW 5,903billion
  • In 2016, volunteer work time per employee was 20 hours.
  • 17 technical support and protective activities were carried out for suppliers.
가치투입과 가치창출
Capital 가치투입
Tangible assets for production such as buildings, devices, etc.
  • Investment into production facilities : KRW 669,403 million
  • Expenses for raw material purchase : KRW 3,687 billion
  • A total of 22,322,000 units of products (Products: 2,571,000/Filters: 19,750,000) were manufactured in 2016, recording working ratio of 76.1%.
가치투입과 가치창출
Intangible assets such as brands, patents, know-how, etc.
  • R&D expense : KRW 36.5 billion
  • Number of R&D personnel : 358
  • Number of government projects: 7
  • Intellectual properties : 3,940 cases (Patents: 718, Utility models : 182, Brands : 2,244. Designs : 796)
  • Won the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show(CES) Product Innovation Award at the World's Largest Appliances Exhibition : 3 parts
가치투입과 가치창출
Natural environment, resources, ecosystem, etc.
  • Investment for environment : 107,854GJ
  • Raw material consumption : 80,369tons
  • Energy consumption : 17,448tons
  • In 2016, 6,902 tons of plastic waste were collected and recycled.
  • Result of yogu plant LED introduction : reduction 300 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Coway and partner introduced solar power generation: reduction 118 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

※ The Framework of the International Integrated Reporting Council was applied.